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2020 was the year when intelligent and nice people lost their grip on reality. I cannot find a better way of describing it. They fell into trance over night. They went into hibernation, just like Sleeping Beauty, and never woke up. It was as if they had been waiting for an opportunity to sign out of their own thought processes and sign in to the Ministry of Propaganda server.

Many of these intelligent and nice people became extremely unpleasant and rigid in their communication. They played out the solidarity card as soon as they got pushback and started to use labels that are so watered down by now that they have become awkward. As time went on, the more they cemented their trance state.

How on earth could this happen?

Mattias Desmet, Professor in clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, offers an explanation that can shed some light on the situation. He believes we are dealing with a phenomenon called mass formation – a large scale group formation characterized by a hypnotic atmosphere. Within the framework of the mass, the mental activity of the individuals slows down. They view existence though a narrow lens, their logic collapses and they become ultra sensitive to dissonant voices. Eventually, their moral and ethical boundaries are wiped out and they stop functioning.

The anatomy of the mass hypnosis
A society is particularly vulnerable to mass hypnosis under the following conditions:

  • A widespread feeling of existential meaninglessness.  
  • A general lack of social bonds.
  • A large number of people experiencing free-floating anxiety – an unidentifiable anxiety that cannot be connected to a specific cause.
  • A large number of people experiencing free-floating psychological discontent.

Those of you paying attention know that all these conditions have been in place for a long time, and that they have escalated exponentially during the recent years. I would argue it all reached a kind of climax just before the shitstorm hit our world. There were a huge number of people who didn’t experience any meaning in life. We crunched pills instead of carrots and spent more time in front of screens rather than being out in nature. Children stopped playing the way children are meant to play. And we were more isolated than ever. You could say that we suffered from collective burnout.

This was the old normal, by the way. Let us never return to that.

The pandemic offered a way out. The unidentifiable and free-floating assumed concrete form. Suddenly, people were presented with a specific cause to which they could connect their anxiety. They found a new meaning in life: to conquer the virus. A twisted form for togetherness emerged, where everybody collaborated in throwing guilt missiles on anyone who had the audacity to step outside the official narrative.

The majority is a minority?
Professor Desmet says that about 30 percent of the population is susceptible enough to manipulation that they melt into the embrace of the mass hypnosis. It doesn’t matter how intelligent they are before this occurs. As soon as they are disconnected, they end up on the same level as the rest of the mass. You can steal their freedoms and rights without them reacting to any serious degree. You can even build them into a totalitarian society without them noticing it, because they are convinced that everything happening is for the good of mankind.

You cannot have a dialogue with these sleepwalkers. You can inform them that Santa Claus isn’t real – they will still continue to send a wish list to the North Pole every year. The jab is their religion, the vaccine passport is their ticket to freedom, and natural immunity is an abomination. They are bound by the same truth that the authorities started to repeat last summer: ”This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Then there is a silent group of about 40 percent. These are individuals whose logic and critical reflection are intact. They have a weight on their shoulders because they have found flaws in the official story. Intuitively they feel that mankind is moving in a destructive direction, but are not ready or willing to speak out.

Lastly, there is a group of about 30 percent who are very difficult to persuade. This group consists of individuals actively challenging the authorities’ response to the pandemic. They know it is greatly exaggerated and that it will have catastrophic long term consequences. Outwardly this is a disorderly group, but they have a common incentive: to stop the tyranny.

This model should be taken with a pinch of salt, for within every group there is great variation and many grey zones, but it is useful in understanding the scale of the mass hypnosis. I myself am surprised by the fact that the large mass is not nearly as large as its supporters depict it to be. I suppose you are familiar with the arguments ”The majority wants vaccine passports”, “We are many, you are few” and so on? Could it be that those arguments are used to create a mirage of strength?

No human right to have a job
No one should underestimate how critical our present situation is. We are dealing with people who have lost touch with themselves, and people who are lost can cause great harm – even if they are a minority. They snitch on the neighbor who doesn’t follow the restrictions. They deny a son or a daughter the possibility to say a dignified farewell to a dying parent. They don´t see how deranged it is to isolate people who already feel isolated, and they have no moral concerns when it comes to forced vaccination or other types of coercive measures. In their eyes, it is more than fair that the vaccine hesitant should be fired from work.

A sad example is the large numbers of health care workers, who have done their very best to help patients during their whole professional life, but are now treated as consumables. They are second class citizens who, according to a comment I just read, “should think long and hard about their career choice”. The person behind the comment, an executive in a medium-sized Swedish municipal, continued his scolding: “It is not a human right to have a job. If you choose to put yourself before your patients and care recipients, you have chosen the wrong profession.”

”It is not a human right to have a job.” Taste that sentence for a while. I my mouth it tastes like fascism.

I have seen thousands such comments during the last months, one more distasteful than the other. “To go to a restaurant is not a human right. “It is not a civil right to travel.” ”It is not a right to have a social life.” It is obvious that those pressing the keys are in a trance. In a sane world voices like these are censored, for they are chipping away at our fundamental rights. But the world we live in is not sane.

A pandemic of fear
Mattias Desmet predicts that the madness will intensify during the coming years. Given how everything has evolved thus far, he reckons it will be hard to avoid ending up in a global totalitarian state, and he is not alone in this forecast. We already see the contours of such a state. We see that the control apparatus is expanding in warp speed, the power is being centralized, and the money is flowing in a single direction: straight into the bank accounts of the hyper rich. All this is going on beyond the cackling about how no one should escape from the greatest medical experiment in history.

If the professors´forecast is accurate, we are now taking our last breaths in a world where a human being is allowed to be human; where you can be you and I can be me. In a totalitarian system, there is no use for a creative population who think and feel and harbor dreams. The totalitarian state of the modern era is a monolith which is producing, not a diversity which is living.

On the other hand …

… could this be our last breaths in a dominion driven by the illusion of control. A totalitarian thought structure can never persist; this we have known since time immemorial. Nothing built on sand can possibly endure. In time, the system will be engulfed by the shitstorm the system itself has designed. When that happens, the Ministry of Propaganda server will also crash. That would be the end of all oppression.

Until then we have a lot of work to do. We have a shared responsibility to dissolve this crisis, or this pandemic of fear. You cannot lean back and hope that God will solve it, or for that matter the politicians and the lawyers. Do not wait for others to wake up! To do so would be placing your power outside of yourself – to be a victim of the circumstances.

The meaninglessness, the anxiety, and the discontent lying at the bottom of this crisis – which in reality are different manifestations of fear – is something we all experience from time to time. Anyone who denies this is lying. We are afraid of authorities; afraid of death; afraid of not being good enough; afraid of the unknown; afraid of what others might think of us; afraid that the ends will not meet. Above all, we are afraid to express our truth. We hesitate to show our inner face outwardly. This is the reason why we are being stamped on by a jackboot instead of facing up to it.

To avoid confronting the fear, we project it somewhere else, just as we do with our power. We point and say that it is “those out there” who are afraid and that it is “those up there” who have power. Therefore, our most important task today is to bring home both the fear and the power, for then we give the power permission to dispel the fear. This is a difficult process to undergo even for the most thick-skinned among us, so we must support each other. We must stand our ground, shoulder to shoulder, in true togetherness.

A move that fits perfectly in this context is Guy Ritchie’s Revolver from 2005. It is quite eccentric and a bit of a thought stretch, so it might appeal to a small audience, but it is well worth watching for you who have the mind of a mystic. I don’t want to give away the story line, other than that the main character gets a chance to deal with his own fear. Hopefully that will be enough to tickle your curiosity.

Fear wastes air
In my last article I wrote that I am not a big fan of poetry. Since then I have thought of a number of poems that have moved me to the core, so I want to retract my statement. From now on, I will breathe poetry. If you want to, we can take a few breaths together. Here I give you Freefall by Mark Nepo. Please keep the last three words in mind:

If you have one hour of air
and many hours to go,
you must breathe slowly.’

If you have one arm’s length
and many things to care for,
you must give freely.

If you have one chance to know God
and many doubts, you must
set your heart on fire.

We are blessed.

Every day is a chance.
We have two arms
Fear wastes air.

Mark Nepo