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We are in a shitstorm. I am convinced that the history books of the future will describe this as one of the largest shitstorms in modern time. Maybe even the largest? Anyhow, there is no coincidence that Holocaust survivors and people who have lived under oppressive regimes get a feeling of déjà vu. They recognize the vibes in the air.  

This shitstorm is for real. You know it is here, I know it is here, and it is far from over.

The questions I have been grappling with lately are: What can I do? What does Higher Power want from me? I am not referring to what the State and Capital and the world and his wife want – but what does my soul whisper? What does my conscience want? I believe it boils down to this: How can my precious time on earth be used in the best way?

I know I am not alone in asking these questions. I know how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the shitstorm and become passive. The other day someone said it is like trying to stop a windmill with your little finger. On one level that is true, for there are evil winds blowing. But you cannot stop there. It is high time to lift our gazes from the battle field or, to use a more suitable metaphor, to enter the eye of the storm.

It is no longer justifiable to get caught up in problem thinking or victim mentality. We need to bury the belief that the individual’s thoughts, words and actions don’t matter, and we need to do it now. For every passing second the snare is tightening and Scandinavia will be just a heartbeat away from being consumed by the globalist snake, and National anthems like “Du gamla du fria” and “Ja, vi elsker dette landet” become distant nostalgia. Look at countries like Australia, Canada, Germany and France – they are being consumed fast. 

So, you think I am exaggerating? That this won’t happen in a modest country like Sweden? That my misgivings sound conspiratorial? Well, in that case – please sober up. Stop wobbling! You don’t have to read between the lines to register the witch-hunt against non-injected. It cannot be written in plainer language. And the hunt doesn’t stop just because all restrictions are lifted. When people have found their scapegoat they will continue the pursuit, no matter how irrational it is.

The 60-year-old rebel
Back to the question ”What can we do?” Nowadays many, including a certain Mr. Kennedy, are calling for civil disobedience. Let us start there. Why not disrupt ”the order” in a fairly peaceful way? Why not draw inspiration from Rosa Parks? Or from someone who is still alive, the playwright and novelist C.J. Hopkins for example? He lives in Berlin, a city where you have to wear a mask to buy groceries. Like many of us he thought it was a ploy, so in the beginning he went into the store without covering his face. Unfortunately it did not work because he was badly harassed. Neurotic people playing security guards cannot be underestimated. Anyone who happens to sneeze in the presence of them knows this.

Hopkins’ next move was to cut out eye holes in a paper bag and place it over his head before he went into the store. It didn’t take long before the manager came running and told him to put on a real mask. The argument “my mask is as good as your mask” didn’t really bring a smile on the manager’s face, and it all ended with three heavily armed police officers escorting the 60-year old rebel out of the store.

Oh right, I forgot a tiny detail. On the protest bag Hopkins had written ”Befehl ist Befehl!” – a famous quote from the Nuremberg Trials. It was used by the idiots who attempted to justify their questionable actions by referring to rules, laws or orders from higher up. In English you could write “An order is an order” or “Just following command”.  

These days CJ Hopkins looks just like any other well-behaved German when he goes grocery shopping … with the exception that it says ”Befehl ist Befehl” on his face mask. How that works for him I will leave unsaid, but I have a feeling some folks get a bit upset, and that is the point – isn’t it? To dislodge the hypnosis a little. To follow the rules without really following them. To obey without being obedient.

The paper bag trick might be a good idea for those of you who feel adventurous. I hesitate to play that kind of game, because my rebellious vein works in a different way. Also, I share a household with someone who loves to create disorder wherever order feels imposed, and I am often seen as an accomplice, so for me it’s enough as it is. But I sure agree with Niklas when he says: ”We simply cannot continue to do things that don’t make sense.” No, of course we cannot. Then we stop living. As a matter of fact, we stopped living a long time ago. There is no life in submitting to the will of the Witless.

The holy wrath
A while ago, the German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich made a statement that can be used as a concrete action plan, in addition to civil disobedience. I abbreviated it for the sake of readability:

”We don’t have a choice, we have to fight. We need to fight on three different levels. One is the legal front. The other is educating people about the true facts about what’s really going on. The third is the spiritual level. The other side has no access to this level, but we do. If we play our cards right …”

The legal front is an important weapon in a shitstorm. When basic laws are broken it is more important than ever. Human rights must be defended and inhuman heads must roll. Also, it is important to share facts with everyone who is willing to listen, because our brothers and sisters need to know about what is going on out of the public eye. But I still want to focus on the third point on the lawyer’s list: the spiritual level. Everything starts from there. Our compassion and our impulse for fellowship stem from the spiritual level; from Higher Power. That is where we find creativity, vitality and free will. And, we find one more thing: The holy wrath.

I am not talking about the frustrated kind of wrath that makes you act like a jerk. I am talking about the wrath a lioness exhibits when her cubs are threatened. It is the elemental force with which a male lion drives away an intruder. It is the wrath a normal human being feels when somebody forces children to wear masks, to distance themselves from their peers, and to get vaccinated. Or when arrogant leaders like Trudeau, Macron and Biden incite the mass hypnosis with speeches about “the unclean”.

The holy wrath comes from a pure place, because it tells you that something isn’t right. For some strange reason, we – the Swedes – have oppressed it. We mumble things like “Forgive them for they know not what they do” and “Turn the other cheek” while we are being stamped on by a jackboot. Have we forgotten how to set boundaries? Have we lost our voices? In that event – why? Allow me to guess. People might dislike us if we unleash the holy wrath. We might lose our jobs; our friends; our status, titles and reputations. We might make enemies.

Silence is our worst enemy
This shitstorm was never about an external threat. This is no fight between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. It has got nothing to do with a jab. This is so much bigger than “my body, my choice”. Listen carefully to the French protesters when they hit the streets to chant Liberté! Are they really fighting for the right to have a caffé latte? Are those living in Melbourne risking being hit in the head with a rubber bullet just to drink beer with their buddies? Some probably are, but the majority fights for a freedom that lies beyond our physical reality; the freedom to be a living, sentient, and whole human being. A being who kneels to the laws of nature – not to a toxic thought system trying its best to rip our divinity to pieces.

Freedom is not being a cog in a mega machinery.

It is said you should choose your battles, and that is true. What Fuellmich says is also true: we don’t have a choice when it comes to this fight. We are in a war situation and we have to act accordingly. We need to play our cards right and throw as many wrenches in the works as we possibly can. Refuse to be pigeonholed. Stop negotiating with people who are howling about fake solidarity. Roar when somebody tries to abuse our soul. If we don’t do this, our precious time on earth will not be particularly pleasant.

Let us shove the shit back to where it belongs – into the throats of those who expressed it in the first place. In this, each of us can contribute. In this, the individual’s thoughts, words and actions are of utmost importance. At this moment, conspiracy of silence is our worst enemy. These words are my contribution, and I will continue to speak out as long as I have got something to say. If my words can bring strength to a single human being, I am satisfied. This human being will, in turn, transmit strength to someone else. This is how we forge a strong link of solidarity which cannot be broken.

To end this long exposition, I want to share a few words from Nikita Gill´s book Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire and Beauty. Generally, I am not a big fan of poetry, but this is among the most powerful writing I have ever encountered. May it bring a ray of light to the dark times ahead:

Remember what you must do
when they undervalue you,
when they think
your softness is your weakness,
when they treat your kindness
like it is their advantage.

You awaken
every dragon,
every wolf,
every monster
that sleeps inside of you
and you remind them
what hell looks like
when it wears the skin
of a gentle human.

Nikita Gill